Friday, July 1, 2016

Reckless Magus

Title: Reckless Magus (Excerpts from the Chaser's Journal Book 1) 

Author: Donald Schlaich

Genre: Fantasy: Sword & Sorcery; Epic

Rating: 5 out of 5 faeries

Where to buy: Amazon

Synopsis: "Abraxas Spellchaser has been a student of magic under his father since his eleventh birthday. Since he began that training, over a decade has passed, and Abraxas, known as Abe to his family and friends, thinks he's ready to take the final test and prove himself to both his father and the magical community that he deserves the title of "Magician," the most skilled of all of those who possess the gift of magic.

His father gave him a simple test, walk between the worlds using his magic and return to their home in the Endless City. It's a magic Abe's known and practiced for almost five years. It should be simple.

Right up to the point where Abe attempts to open the door between worlds and is knocked out from a strange backlash as he attempts to use his magic. From there, he is drawn into a web of intrigue and a game centuries old as he tries to figure out what is going on and how he can get home." -from

About the Author: Donald Schlaich is a graphics arts professional and author currently living and cycling in Upstate New York. His first novel, Reckless Magus is available on Amazon, and his website is

Review: A page turner great for young adults and adults who never really grew up alike. This debut novel is packed with action and adventure. The ending will leave you feeling impatient for the sequel to arrive!