Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wind Down Wednesday: Baths

Not the Post Anyone is Expecting

Well...this is...kind of horrible timing. When I planned this post, I was thinking about writing about how a hot bath can be relaxing for the body and the soul, a time to recharge your brain and just reset from the stress of the day. Instead, I've just had one of the MOST stressful experiences when I was about to take a bath. I tripped. And dropped my very not waterproof smartphone into the tub. While it was filling with water. Because of the style I can't open it. So although it is sitting in a bag of rice (and I would show you a picture but, well...I have no way to take or upload a photo easily now)! It's unlikely that it will make any kind of recovery.

The Plan

It has been a hell of a few weeks. My life has been excruciatingly stressful. I figured I would take a hot bath. Light some candles, put on the classical music station on my phone. Add some bubble bath or scented oil or epsom salts or some combination to the hot water. Let the hot water do its work on my muscles, and the atmosphere do its work on my overworked, overstressed mind.

Why Make Plans?

Yeah I'm kind of asking myself this now. Of course my left leg (which drags when I'm tired ever since the stroke) got caught on the lip of the entrance to the bathroom sending me sprawling and my phone directly into a half filled tub of super hot water. Despite moving as fast as I could my phone is now pretty much a brick. My husband is about to try and take it apart to see if it can't be salvaged. It's been hours though so I have my doubts, especially given how HOT it got when I pulled it out of the water and how hot it continued to get before the flash gave it's final farewell and the whole thing died.

Can You Tell...?

At this point I can't even fake optimism or that this is something I'll laugh about down the road. I've had almost all I can take. Signing off for now.

Moral of the story: life's a bitch and likes to kick you when you're down