Friday, October 21, 2016

Film Friday: The Nightmare Before Christmas

A Halloween Classic
I don't remember when I first saw this movie, but I know I was young. I was at a neighbor's house (she was babysitting and her daughter and I were semi-friends). He daughter had just gotten The Nightmare Before Christmas on VHS and was smitten with it. I instantly fell in love. With the movie, the music, the style...everything. This is a classic that can be watched year round and enjoyed by everyone from older children (the boogie man might be scary to some younger ones but that's up to parental discretion). At this point I'm sure I've driven my husband crazy with how often I listen to the soundtrack and movie.

Just the Stats
Director: Henry Selick
Writers: Tim Burton (based on: a story and characters by), Michael McDowell (adaptation), Caroline Thompson (screenplay)
  •  Saturn Award
    • Best Fantasy Film
    • Best Music: Danny Elfman; 
  • Annie
    • Best Individual Achievement for Creative Supervision in the Field of Animation: Henry Selick (director);
    • Best Individual Achievement for Artistic Excellence in the Field of Animation: Deane Taylor (art director);0
  • DFWFCA Award: Best Animated Film;
  • IFMCA Award Best Archival Release of an Existing Score: 
  • Danny Elfman (music, liner notes, and album produced by), 
  • Tim Burton (album produced by), 
  • Jeff Bond (liner notes by), 
  • Matthew E. Taylor (album art direction by);
  • Blimp Award: Favorite Movie (
  • Touchstone Pictures)