Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Second Wave

The Second Wave

Author: Jean Copeland

Genre: Romance, Lesbian Romance

Rating: 4 out of 5 fairies

Where to buy: Amazon

Synopsis: Alice never imagined that meeting co-worker Leslie would lead to an all-consuming love affair. But even in the anything-goes 1970s, feminist attitudes and the sexual revolution can’t change the fact that Leslie is a traditional married mom of two who won’t chance losing her children to follow her heart and divorce her husband. Their year of risk, passion, and heartache takes its toll on both women. Tired of only receiving crumbs from Leslie, Alice makes the toughest choice of her life and moves on.
Although their affair is short-lived, their desire to be together never dies. Nearly forty years later, Alice returns to Connecticut after learning Leslie has suffered a stroke. She soon realizes that time and distance haven’t doused the fire for Leslie that’s always burned in her heart. But is it too late to pick up where they left off?

About the Author: Jean Copeland is a writer and English/language arts teacher at an alternative high school in Connecticut. Taking a chance on a second career in her thirties, Jean graduated summa cum laude from Southern Connecticut State University with a BS in English education and an MS in English/creative writing. She has published numerous short fiction and essays online and in print anthologies. In addition to the thrill of watching her students discover their talents in creative writing and poetry, she enjoys the escape of writing, summer decompression by the shore, and good wine and conversation with friends. Organ donation and shelter animal adoption are causes dear to her heart. The Revelation of Beatrice Darby is Jean’s debut novel.

Review: A captivating tale of discovery, awakening, love and loss, told through an intricate weaving of the present and the past. A story that rivals the poignancy of The Notebook, "The Second Wave" is a must read for lovers of romance everywhere. Jean Copeland is clearly a master at the art of drawing the reader in, and keeping you wanting to read just one more page before you set the book down.