Sunday, March 19, 2017

Grumpy Cat & Pokey: Grumpus

*Disclosure: I am a huge Grumpy Cat fan, and reviewing this with a little bias because of that*

Title: Grumpy Cat & Pokey: Grumpus

Authors: Ben McCool, Royal McGraw, Ben Fisher, Derek Fridolfs, Ilias Kyriazis

Illustrators: Steve Uy, Michelle Nguyen, Ken Haeser, Buzz Hasson, Mohan, Ilias Kyriazis

Genre: Graphic Novels & Comics, Children's Picture Books

Rating: 4 out of 5 fairies

Where to buy: Amazon

Synopsis: The World's Grumpiest Cat -- and the world's most adorable internet sensation -- continues to delight fans of all ages with her comic book misadventures (although she's actually quite disappointed to delight anyone, of course)! Whether she gets drawn into her fun-loving brother Pokey's games of hide-and-seek, spends her afternoon daydreaming of a world without humans, or unleashes a genie from the bottle to answer her every malcontent whim, Grumpy Cat's escapades are guaranteed to make you smile... even if she's scowling!

Review: A great book for older kids, teens, and adults. I greatly enjoyed reading it. As a Grumpy Cat fan, I thought this had the right amount of snark and whimsy to be thoroughly enjoyable.