Friday, March 2, 2018

Into the Light

Title: Into the Light

Author: Emily Stroia

Genre: Memoirs, Poetry

Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies

Synopsis: Into the Light is a memoir-inspired poetry collection in seven parts. 
The book shares the author’s life from a transformative perspective of being in a deep state of darkness to finding hope, miracles, and light. In the final part, there are notes to the reader and finding one’s inner peace after adversity. 
This book explores trauma, abuse, sexual abuse, mental illness, loss, healing, spirituality, meditation, inspiration, and empowerment.

Review: A powerful collection of poetry, 'Into the Light' is a must-read for anyone struggling with their past who feels alone in this world. A ray of hope in a world often filled with too much darkness, Stroia manages to bring powerful emotion with her words, in poems that speak volumes one would expect to find only in the largest tomes. This touched my soul, and I hope you give it a chance to touch yours.

Where to buy: Amazon

About the Author: Emily is an intuitive teacher, spiritual leader, author, and artist. Emily first discovered her gifts of intuition and creativity as a child and was placed in a highly gifted program for children. She often explored her gifts through writing, art, and experienced frequent visions and dreams that would turn out to be accurate. Not understanding fully why or how she was able to do this, she decided to study. 

She has always felt a strong attraction to the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of life and continues to delve deeper into each. Believing strongly in her intuitive gifts, as well as wanting to express her deep desire to help people, Emily decided to utilize her abilities to turn her passion into a profession. 
Her mission is to inspire people to find the gifts in their stories and live powerful transformed lives with ease and peace.
Her life is a breathing expression of intuition, passion, spirituality, and creativity.
Most days you can find her coaching clients, writing, practicing yoga and playing with her dog in Los Angeles. 
Author Emily Stroia can be reached by email at; or by phone at 212-653-0054. More details about Emily Stroia and her profession and services can be found at

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