Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Devil's Vial

Title: The Devil's Vial

Author: Byron Brumbaugh

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies

Where to buy: Amazon

Synopsis: The threat of global warming pushes some well-organized and very powerful people to scheme something drastic and lethal. Central to their plans is a small clear vial. These plans remain undiscovered until Richard Gregg, a convert to Buddhism struggling to apply what he's learned to a westerner's life, and four companions stumble across the conspiracy. Chased, shot at and beat-up,
Richard and his friends know these powers-that-be are willing to kill to maintain secrecy and further their goals. Somehow, the conspirators must be found, along with what they are planning and how to stop them. A deadline approaches and whatever is done has to be done quickly, so options are limited. Throughout it all, Richard wants to remain true to his beliefs - most important, in every circumstance, he must act without violence and approach everything with compassion and loving kindness. It is not at all clear he will succeed.

About the Author: Byron Brumbaugh is an Emergency Room physician at a community hospital in Massachusetts. He also has a PhD in theoretical Physics and has worked as an electrical engineer in the past. A Buddhist, an avid pilot. a motorcycle enthusiast and a world traveler who loves adventure, his interests are eclectic and his experience diverse. When asked his age, he reports, "Old enough to know better, too old to care.". "The Devil's Vial" is his first novel.

Review: This book was so far beyond amazing I really don't have the words to describe it. You get pulled in so fast you don't realize it's happening. Next thing you know it's hours later, but it feels like only minutes since you left the real world behind. Great writing, intriguing and thrilling storyline, and protagonists you can't help but root for.