Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Christmas Guardian

The Christmas Guardian by Georgia S Dickson 
Holiday Angel Romance

Mary Beth doesn’t want a stupid trinket from a tourist shop. And a guardian angel charm for her pocket is certainly not something she needs.

However, to placate her well-meaning mother, Mary Beth throws the trinket into her handbag and sets off to North Hamptonshire for a singles Christmas Holiday Extravaganza.

When sexy, single Noel saves her from drowning, it’s no coincidence that he happens to share his name with the angel in her handbag. As the Festive season gets into full swing, will events scare Mary Beth away, or will she learn to trust Noel and let him become the guardian of her heart as well as her body?

The magic of Christmas is about to begin.

5 out of 5 fairies

The Christmas Guardian is absolutely heartwarming. I'm always a little nervous going into books with angels, but this totally blew me away. Noel is sweet and charming, and a little awkward as he tries to step into his 'human' shoes and protect Mary Beth at the same time. Mary Beth is down-to-earth and easy to relate to. Together their love story is perfect to get you into the holiday spirit.

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About the Author: Georgia S Dickson is a romance author hailing from Scotland. She writes Guardian angel and Archangel romances. Look out for her Star Angel series coming soon and her Christmas Guardian novella due out in December. She loves learning the ukulele and enjoys walks in the country.

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