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Review: Corners Untouched by Madness

Corners Untouched by Madness by N Daniel 
Inspired by a True Story

A raw story of courage and redemption.

Daniel settles for a mundane office job in the suburbs but is haunted with guilt. When a beautiful woman from his past appears, it ignites a chain reaction, setting him on a journey to confront his troubled history. Based on actual events, this inspiring story attempts to enlighten its audience with humor, passion and a lesson in perseverance. Will Daniel be able to brave his trauma and put his inner demons to rest? Or will he be consumed by the most cunning adversary of all? The truth.

3 out of 5 fairies
finished reading

A word of warning - Corners Untouched by Madness is not to be read lightly. There were times that the madness underneath is brought so close to the surface that it's hard to read, but that's also what makes it powerful. You are drawn into a mind struggling to find peace in a world where mental illness is highly stigmatized. A worthwhile read, but be sure you are prepared for what you'll find betwixt the covers before you start.
- Liliyana

2 out of 5 fairies
unfinished reading

This review is based on an unfinished reading of this book. There have been stories I have put down because of the quality of the prose. This may be the first story I’ve ever had to put down for its prose being too effective. I suffer from depression, have dealt with self-loathing and problems with confidence for a long time. So when I see it so well reflected, from so close behind the eyes? I got uncomfortable, the narrator was doing an excellent job of drawing me along in his journey and there wasn’t any separation between the unsteady mental state of the protagonist and the world we saw. I could see the edges where the character’s warped perspective was being pointed out, but it always felt elided and rushed over.
At times there was almost a drifting sense to the narrative, time just seeming to flow past in the story without anything being made of the passage of time. It disturbed me, which might very well have been the author’s intention.
But in the end, I couldn’t read the book. The intimacy with the character’s thoughts, the lack of separation between that and the narrative made me put the book down.
 - Don

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About the Author:  N. Daniel currently resides in Downtown Minneapolis and works as a live-in caregiver for a quadriplegic individual. When he isn't writing or caring for his client you can find him wandering the city's skyways, music blasting in his headphones, or walking along the Mississippi river with family and friends. He frequently volunteers at outreach organizations in the Twin Cities community.. His beliefs center strongly around charity, service to others and supporting causes that protect personal freedoms, especially for the disabled, the poor, those unfairly stigmatized by mental illness, and anyone who suffers. He is inspired by redemption stories, especially the character arc of Jean Valjean in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.

You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and his website.

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