Monday, March 2, 2020

Check it Out: Killer's Bible

Killer's Bible by Anonymous

How-to Kill Handbook for normal people. 

"Did I really do all of it? Yes, I did. All of it. But there’s no telling. Not straight up. I’d get thirty-to-life."

The real-life diary of ‘Calvin Loch’, a New York lawyer who takes the law into his own hands and murders a man with good reason.

This true-crime memoir catalogues the events that push an attorney to the edge. From office politics to shady dealings, from being love-struck to killing ‘justly’, this first-hand account is a chilling exposé of how a white-collar murderer gets away with it.

The verdict: crimes don’t warrant punishment if done by a balanced ‘bad man’ who believes that he’s doing good.

The author remains at large.

2 out of 5 fairies

Killer's Bible starts off strong. I honestly would have given this a three, but the quality of writing declined. Although insisting this takes place in the US, the author slips into British terms often enough that it made me question if the author was entirely sure where they were. The story is hard to follow at times, although the storyline and premise are interesting. Overall, did not fully deliver on the promise of the synopsis.

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About the Author: The author is an attorney who works in New York. Anonymity is key to his survival. He enjoys game theory and is a wizard at Go.

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