Thursday, April 23, 2020

Check It Out: Blame Atlas, Save Atlas

Blame Atlas Save Atlas by Angelo Lytle 
LGBT+ Occult Horror

A missing voice. A missing mother. Who will be taken next? 

There's something in the woods, and four years ago, it took Trinity Warren's voice. All she wants is to speak again, yet her search has led to a dead end. That's when she discovers the Students' Aid Alliance, run by fellow college students Isaac and Noah. Maybe this is the spark of hope she needs—if she can convince them to help her.

A cynical skeptic, Isaac refuses to believe Trinity's story. But when Noah's mother disappears, a midnight search leads Isaac and Noah to an unsettling discovery in the woods. Isaac, Trinity, and Noah must come together to find the truth—and reclaim what they've lost.

5 out of 5 fairies

Blame Atlas, Save Atlas is thrilling and chilling. I love horror, in books and movies. A lot of times there meh, not very scary at all. This though, this gave me chills. The descriptions are VIVID and will send shivers racing down your spine. I'd say it's like watching a movie unfold in your mind, but it's more than that. You're completely immersed and you'll lose hours in the pages of this book.

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About the Author: Angelo Lytle is a lifelong writer, artist, cat person, and author of the new novel Blame Atlas Save Atlas. He is a lover of reading and writing diverse fiction, and while he dabbles in a variety of genres, his favorites are speculative and LGBTQ+ fiction. When he is not creating something or binging shows on Netflix, you can find him on Tumblr at

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