Friday, April 17, 2020

Check It Out: Heir to the Underworld

Heir to the Underworld by J B Dennis 
Greek Mythological Fantasy

Fourteen young mortals find themselves the unexpected heirs to the powers of the ancient Greek gods. Benjamin Darke, the new god of the dead, soon discovers that being a god isn’t as easy as one might expect.

4 out of 5 fairies

Heir to the Underworld is mythos done right. I'm always skeptical when fiction brings in well known mythology and deities. It's going to either be amazing or horrifying, there's never an in-between. This definitely fell into the amazing category. The gods were brought to life, and the group chosen to replace them are all believable. You can almost see and hear everything that happens in this book as if it were happening in front of you. A fun, light read that brings a world where gods are relatable to life.

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