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Review: Frostbound Throne Trilogy

Frostbound Throne: The Complete Trilogy by May Sage
Epic Fantasy Romance

Yesterday, she was a pampered princess and he, a willful prince.
Yesterday, she knew her place, her purpose. He didn’t care about his.
Now, there’s war, and they must conquer, and rule, or the Isle will fall into chaos.

*** Frostbound Throne is unsuitable to sensitive readers ***

3 out of 5 fairies

The dark fae prince arriving to the Court of Night with news, and it isn’t good. War is brewing and somehow the seelie fae his mother has taken as a ward—and has caught his attention— is going to be the key to winning.

I had such high hopes for this book. It started out on such a high note. The entrance of Valerius to the Court of Night, slowly introducing the reader to the subtleties of fae culture, was beautifully written. Him writing off his attention to Devi as curiosity and her despising him made my inner romance lover giggle. And for a while, you really feel in touch with the characters.

What threw off the book? Poor pacing and info dumping. There’s a whole convoluted plot about gods and demi-gods that gets thrust at the reader right at the end of the first book. I literally had to read a giant paragraph like four times to truly digest all the information she threw at me. What this did was disconnect me from the world I was just now becoming accustom to. And because of that, I struggled to connect the rest of the book. Every time we’re given knew information it’s in a block of text and immediately the characters are just like “oh, well that sucks” and don’t even take the time to really process.

Then, there’s the language of this world. I am all for characters cursing. I, myself, happen to speak in a way that would make sailors blush. But the constant use of fuck and other curses gives a bit of a disconnect to the world. That and the way they talk about their sexual escapades, this high-fae royal court seems more real world to me than fantasy—and I’m sorry but if I pick up something as heavy fantasy as this, I want to separate myself from the real world.

Then there’s the characters. They start off relatable enough. I love the fact that Devi is a half-high fae seelie in the unseelie realm and is violently protective of her adoptive kingdom. I loved the air of mystery about her powers in the beginning. After the grand revelation at the end of the first book that she can control all 4 powers, it goes from being “oh this is really cool” to “is this a super powered mary-sue?” Half-elf princess, super powered magic… and then throw in the fact she’s only 28 years old (in comparison to Valerius’ 700 and something), her lack of experience with the world is never really a problem. It’s brushed off that most common fae only live to 50, but it still doesn’t quite add up to me.

The first two books happen within the span of like maybe 2 weeks? The entire relationship is so rushed, in my opinion. I don’t care if they’re fated mates or whatever, she started out hating his guts. Yet by the end of the second book, she proclaims she loves him out of the middle of nowhere (granted, there were circumstances) when she’d barely even told herself that she cared for him. Throw in the fact that this fae society is supposed to be polyamorist due to their low female birthrate and long lifespans, but these are the only two fae who are monogamous?

So I devoured the first book. Got taken back by the info dump but kept going. Read the second book and was like “ooooookay”. I started the third book and questioned whether the bad pacing and strong disconnect from both the world and characters were worth pushing through the last book. In the end I decided it was not.

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About the Author: May is a USA Today Bestselling Author who recently moved to The Hague, in the Netherlands. She writes many sub-genres of romance; mainly fantasy, paranprmal and contemporary. You’re signing up for strong, sassy, kick-ass women and swoon-worthy alpha protagonists. Enjoy the ride!

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