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Check It Out: Deviations From Paradise

Deviations From Paradise by Roy Humphreys
Historical Romance

Pioneer settlers of wilderness areas generally have a common goal - to find and claim their own piece of paradise.

Tom Rourke was no different in this regard. In 1827 his paradise was on a secluded waterway only thirty miles from the growing port of Sydney Town in the British penal colony of New South Wales. The pristine bushland on which his one hundred acres had been allotted had been protected from the land-hungry eyes of the colonists by the inaccessible terrain which surrounded it.

Tom had many plans of how he would turn his land into his own paradise. But one man's paradise can be another's hell. The local natives, assigned convicts and Mother Nature didn't always comply with Tom's plans.

Our plans for life's journey are seldom without compromise. Tom finds that some of his plans are not achievable. He needs to accept deviations. Deviations on his road to paradise.


Set in the period 1827 to 1841, the story follows the triumphs and tragedies of one of Australia's pioneering families as they pursue their dreams in a secluded corner of the British penal colony in New South Wales.

The story is a fiction account which should appeal to the reader who enjoys a family saga of action, adventure and a hint of romance. However, many of the incidents portrayed are based on actual events that occurred during those times.

5 out of 5 fairies

Deviations From Paradise will draw you in. It is with great regret that I can only give this a 5 out of 5. I'm absolutely blown away by the imagery and emotion conveyed within these pages. You'll find yourself wrapped up in this family saga from yesteryear. A must-read for anyone looking for a little adventure, some perseverance, and a lot of love.

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About the Author: Roy Humphreys is retired (from paid work) and lives with wife Denise and daughter Rachael in the southern suburbs of Sydney, NSW, Australia. His primary focus is now his family (four children, 8 grandchildren). He also finds time for running (cross country in the Royal National Park area), fishing and, sometimes, writing.

Patrick's Journey is based on the real life story of his great grandfather, 6 generations back, that he heard about at a family reunion many years ago. It was a story that he felt needed telling, but never had the time until retirement came in 2012.

Subsequent research revealed a significant amount of information had already been published about Patrick's life or incidents he was involved with (e.g. the voyage of the Boddington). The novel represents a fictional portrayal of the historical facts in an attempt to capture the emotional and physical journeys that Patrick must have been subjected to as he is transformed from a headstrong Irish teenager into one of the first white settlers in a strange new land.

You can find him at his Amazon author page.

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