Monday, May 25, 2020

Check It Out: Togwotee Passage

Togwotee Passage by L.G. Cullens
Literary Fiction

Togwotee (toe'-ga-tee) is the name of a challenging mountain pass in the Absaroka Mountains of northwest Wyoming. In the title of this fictive tale it's a metaphor for the main character's physical and cognitive passage through the seasons of life's chaotic landscape.

The story begins with a dysfunctional family life in the 1940s that stains Calan's outlook. When the abuse escalates to life-threatening, an intervention introduces him to wilderness on a grand scale, as well as a Shoshone friend with a differing perspective of life. This but fledgling steps in a life of unexpected twists and turns.

With off-the-beaten-path experiences and intimately relatable characters, this tale is a thought kindling journey of mind and spirit, complemented with expressive illustrations.

4 out of 5 fairies

Togwotee Passage is a powerful tale of growth. Calan's life starts out hard, and your heart can't help but go out to him. As he grows and the readers follows snippets of his life's journey, you see how the various people in his life influence him. Life is all about balance, within ourselves and with the world around us, and this book definitely emphasizes this. Interspersed with beautiful illustrations, this is a great read that takes you on a journey.

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About the Author: L. G. Cullens was born and raised in 1940's Wyoming with Shoshone friends (his naturalist grounding), served in the military, and pursued careers first in civil engineering, then computer sciences, and finally, in his fifties, woodworking decorative arts. Since, with diminished dexterity he's turned to writing. A natural sciences passion throughout his lifetime is evinced in his art and writing.

Additional writing by the author and others as well as book reviews and artworks, all on a natural world theme, can be found at along with a contact form.

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