Friday, July 31, 2020

Check It Out: Clean Slate

Clean Slate by Preeti Rajput
Short Story Anthology

There is a repercussion to every choice we make. Sometimes Immediate. Sometimes Gradual.

“Clean Slate” offers you a collection of fiery stories, woven with characters in the vortex of their ordeals. Will they come out triumphant? …

A young kid appears in Rosie’s dream recurrently every night. One day the kid confronted her in real life and disclosed the reason for coming in her dreams...

Months of leaving school and several applications, Hari has not been able to secure a job. The constant nagging of his father is becoming unbearable, and he has become helpless on what to do until he receives an email...

Anand, who is simply a college professor, gets insulted by one of his students who decide to take revenge on him for speaking the truth…

After falling from a 9ft building, 8-year-old Urvi survives with only but a minor injury on her forehead. Everyone thinks it’s a miracle, but when the wound is nursed, a mark is revealed. A mark that might change Urvi’s destiny and that of her parents. Neighbours and eyewitnesses are bewildered. What could this mean?...

Seven years ago, Vedant was faced with the dilemma of choosing love over his preferred career path. Did his decision lead him to a happy after ending?...

Come aboard on their interesting journey!!

4 out of 5 fairies

Clean Slate is a collection you won't want to put down. One of the things I LOVED about this is the stories have a mix of endings.  Each story will take you on a different journey, and you'll want to keep reading until you've suddenly reached the end of the book. If you only have short moments when you can read, then you'll be able to breeze through a story each time. Highly recommend.

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About the Author: Preeti is an India native and lives in the Noida city. An IT expert by profession and a storyteller by heart, she is a travel enthusiast and a voracious reader. When she is not reading, travelling, writing or coding, you can find her spending time with her doting husband and vivacious baby girl. She balances her busy work schedule with efforts to be a mother, wife, writer and a travel blogger. Preferably all at once. 

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