Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Check It Out: Naptown Blues

Naptown Blues: Book One of the Gad Rambler Trilogy by Rob Wesley
Travel Adventure

Wes Roberts has worked hard creating and maintaining a delicate balance between being a father and satisfying his wanderlust. When he’s not working at an auto repair shop you can usually find him climbing mountains all around the world with his climbing partner Cal, going backpacking with his son Jax, taking weekend bike or kayak trips, or just hanging out at the neighborhood watering hole with his best friends Wilson and Penny.

But somewhere inside, he knows he needs more– more adventure, more freedom, more mountains.

A chance encounter with a mysterious vagabond, Fitz, supercharges his wanderlust, threatening to upset the balance he’s worked so hard for. Fitz is everything he’s ever wanted to be, and the two of them are instantly drawn to one another. When Wes finds himself suddenly unemployed, and most importantly– with Jax’s blessing– Wes and Fitz set off on a series of adventures.

But all is not well. Wilson is terribly jealous of Fitz, and doesn’t try to hide it. Cal announces he’s done climbing. Worst of all, Wes’ father is diagnosed with stage four cancer. When his father dies two months later, the sadness of losing his father is multiplied when his family blames him for the unusual circumstances surrounding his father’s death.

In the darkness of the aftermath of his father’s death, a light appears in the form of a beautiful woman named Everleigh. They fall for each other instantaneously and become inseparable.

She accompanies Wes and Fitz as they attempt the first ascent of a dangerous and deadly peak in South America, a mountain that claims the life of sixty-percent of those who attempt it. Their climb takes three weeks and is beset by one disaster after another.

Will they successfully summit, or even survive, the deadly mountain? Is the love between Wes and Everleigh real, or just a coping mechanism? Is Jax truly alright with his father’s new lifestyle? Will Wes come to regret his decision to chase his dreams or is it everything he’s ever hoped for?

5 out of 5 fairies

Naptown Blues will awaken your wanderlust. I loved it. I was worried the wilderness part would leave me feeling a bit confused, but it was easy to follow along and made me long for that same nature high. Wes is a complicated character, but he's absolutely brought to life. You become lost in the pages and before you know it, hours have passed. Highly recommend for anyone yearning for a few hours of escape.

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About the Author: Just a guy who'd rather be in the woods...or the mountains...or the desert...or paddling down a river...or riding my bike...or sitting by a campfire... Sometimes, when I can't do these things, I write a novel about them. 

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