Thursday, July 2, 2020

Review: In My Attic

In My Attic by Lina Hansen
A Magical Misfits Mystery Book 1
Cozy Magical Mystery

Sometimes all it takes is murder to discover who you truly are. 

Myrtle Coldron shared her parents’ practical view of the world, so when she was orphaned as a teenager and sent to live with an aunt with more than a few Wiccan leanings, her worlds clashed. Intent on escaping from all things witchy and an aunt with a decided idea of who should be given her magical lineage, Myrtle settles herself in academia, far from the small medieval village of Avebury.

But when she receives a call about her aunt’s mysterious death from a fall from the attic, Myrtle’s carefully constructed world falls apart. Guilt-laden from ignoring her aunt’s pleas for help as simply more of her witchy ramblings, Myrtle returns to Avebury to bury her aunt, sell the Witch’s Retreat—her aunt’s witch- themed inn—and put this part of her life behind her forever.

Yet the sleepy, historic village will not let her be: at turns met by cryptic folks and strange happenings, including threatening notes, footsteps in the attic in the middle of the night, and a plant with a mind—and legs—of its own, Myrtle determines she owes it to her aunt to find out what happened. Distraught and hounded by a selfish cousin, two daft but well-meaning sisters, and two equally handsome—and equally suspicious—boarders, Myrtle soon discovers that taking a practical approach to things otherworldly isn’t the best plan and that denying her lineage—and her powers—may just cost her her life.

5 out of 5 fairies

In My Attic is bewitching (pun a little intended). You know those books that you hate to put down even for a second because they're so good? This is one of those. It just kind of grabs hold of you before you even know its happening. A cozy mystery with flair, if you're a fan of shows like Rosemary & Thyme or Father Brown then you'll love losing yourself within the pages of this story.

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About the Author: LINA HANSEN has been a freelance travel journalist, teacher, bellydancer, postal clerk and science communication specialist stranded in the space sector. Numbed by factoid technical texts, she set out to write the stories she loves to read— cozy and romantic mysteries with a dollop of humour and a magical twist. After living and working in the UK, Lina, her husband, and their feline companion now share a home in the foothills of Castle Frankenstein. Lina is a double Watty Award Winner, Featured Author, and a Wattpad Star.

In My Attic is the first of the Magical Misfits series of mysteries. More information and Lina’s blog can be found at or connect via Twitter or Facebook.

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