Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sinful Sunday: Flicker and Flame

Flicker and Flame by Willow Hayes 
 Paranormal Romance

Kenna is a human in a magic biased world, but a night at the club changes everything. There she meets four sexy strangers who unbind the magic she never knew she had.

Now she needs their help to train her wild and unpredictable magic, and to find the truth of who she really is before someone she loves gets hurt.

She is tormented by events in her past, and the secret she has guarded for so long threatens to destroy everything

5 out of 5 flames

Flicker and Flames is a great first book... lets break it down shall we:

My thoughts: This book is fantastic, just enough history and backstory so you're not completely lost, but leaving enough out to hold your interested. The MC is a freaking badass and I love her, she comes from a troubled past, but isn't so bogged down by what happen that she's dark. Her experiences have shaped her and I think the author did a great job of keeping the balance of showing the effect without it being overwhelming and still keeping the characters integrity. The men for her RH are super HOT and fit together nicely, it is a slow burn in this book, I do hope it picks up, but the development of the relationship with the MC background makes sense.

Plot : amazing and leaves room for amble sidelines which will all hold interested

Character development: very good, while I do wish we would have seen a little bit more into the men's past, this first book is really focused on the MC and her character arc and how she interacts with everyone as well as her growth so it makes sense

*** These next few sentence contain vague spoilers *** this Slight disappointment because all books have them: really really obvious foreshadowing in early chapters about MC, - the bonding trail for her and her mates seemed to not actually have the third stage, which was made to read like they would need to complete the mate bond before it was completed

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About the Author: Willow is a Washington State native where she lives with her kiddo, surrounded by all that is green. When she's not writing she's working on her green thumb, hanging out at the beach, or behind her camera. She's a bibliophile and can debate nerdy trivia with the best of them.

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