Sunday, July 5, 2020

Sinful Sunday: Hell's Belle

Hell's Belle by Eve Newton 
Erotic Paranormal Romance

She's hot as Hell & she rules it too!

One female Devil & the seven males she's chosen.

Can she go after what she wants while making sure all Hell doesn't break loose
& fight for her destiny at the same time?

Join Annabelle in her quest to rule Hell & find love while she's at it.

My name is Annabelle Pandora. I'm the original Lucifer's great-granddaughter. Hell is mine now.

My twin brother, Shax, is a Dark Angel and my best friend but we have a secret. One that is needling at me and that I need to fix.

As I find my way around ruling my Kingdom, I'm pursued at every turn, but not all the males are after my sexy bod. Some of them want to destroy me, and not in the hot breaking furniture, crashing through walls destruction. From a seductive Incubus, to the alphahole Horseman of War and several in between, including my human therapist, I find myself falling into feelings that I didn't even know I was capable of, let alone wanted.

But, can I trust them?

I am the Devil herself, and every Demon in Hell would jump at the chance to rule by my side. Can I open up my dark heart to let in more than just passion and lust while I figure things out? And while I'm at it, what in the Hell is Shax up to?

A Dark 'n Dirty Hell Fantasy Reverse Harem. Scenes of M/M & contains possible triggers. (less)

5 out of 5 flames

Hell has a new Queen and she knows how to party!! The plot line, character development and world building are fantastic. Follow Annabelle on her journey as the know She Devil in town and watch her set everything on fire, including the sheets. Surrounded by her hot as sin hell mates, Annebelle needs to figure out where on earth her quest needs her to go, keep the other Devil at bay, and figure out what's up with her brother. Annabelle is a kickass, take name and make them beg type and I can't wait to see what happens when Hell freezes over

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