Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Kid's Korner: Jake's Magical Adventures

Jake's Magical Adventures
Written by Alyona Max
Illustrated by Daniel Max 
Children's Fantasy Adventure

Jake's Magical Adventures is a compilation of six fairytales about a little boy, whose name was written in the skies at birth. This makes him prone to become entangled into all sorts of magical events.

The first story starts in the Enchanted Forest where several mythical creatures help a young couple (Jake's parents) choose the most fitting name for their newborn son.

The next time we meet Jake, he embarks on a challenging mission to save his favorite tree from perishing. Shrinking to the size of a bee, he presents himself in front of the Caterpillar King, makes his case, and saves the day.

In the following story Jake accidentally sends his mom, best friend, and his pet to another world, isolated and deprived of joy.

Next story finds Jake at school, from where his entire class gets transported into an ancient treasure map by a mysterious substitute teacher Mr. Folliant.

The subsequent story is a tale of four wishes, granted to Jake by a wise and beautiful Queen of Lizards.

In the final story, Jake and his friend discover a hidden crystal on the playground. Crystal proves to be magical and have dangerous powers that start menacingly affecting the kids' personalities.

Each story, on top of being highly magical, delivers a message promoting kindness, courage, honesty, thirst for knowledge, integrity, and many other values.

The book is geared towards elementary school kids, but has been known to entertain younger and older kids, as well as adults. It features 27 original black and white hand-drawn illustrations.

Fairy out of Fairy

Jake's Magical Adventures is a great collection of stories. The illustrations are adorable and the stories are enjoyable for people of all ages. Each story is unique, full of magic and a few challenges that face Jake along the way. Jake is kind and has a big heart, and he faces down everything from helping the bees to feeling angry to magical wishes and objects. A must-read for anyone who needs a little magic in their lives.

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