Sunday, September 6, 2020

Review: By the Sea

By the Sea by J. Steven Lamperti
Tales of Liamec #3
Young Adult Fantasy

Annabelle has grown up in Chelle by the Sea. Her friends, family, and life are the little medieval fishing village on the coast. However, a dark sadness in Annabelle’s past could rip her from her family and town, and especially from the sea.

When a mysterious stranger comes to Chelle, knowing more than he should about Annabelle, the whole town wants to know what’s going on. Is Llyr more then he seems? Why is he interested in a small fishing town and a young girl who lives there?

As Llyr pulls Annabelle out of her simple world, the questions of who he is and what he wants from her become ever more vital. Invitations to a ball, meeting a Duke: these are things that were never in the cards for Annabelle.

In By the Sea, a young girl faces questions her life was never supposed to hold and rises to the occasion in ways she never could have imagined.

5 out of 5 fairies

By the Sea will make you fall in love with Annabelle. A brilliant heroine, Annabelle is strong and handles the curve balls life tosses at her with aplomb. She's different from everyone in her town, and things began to change for her long before they changed for the town. You'll get wrapped up in her story before you know it. A must-read.

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About the Author: J. Steven Lamperti enjoys the weather and culture of the bay area in northern California, along with his wife Andrea, their three daughters, their dog Kai, and their two cats. Recently he left a long-time career as a computer programmer to pursue his lifelong ambition of writing.

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