Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Check It Out: Night Night, Norman


Night Night, Norman
Written by Marie Dimitrova
Illustrated by Romi Caron
Children's Book

A Light-hearted, Spirit-lifting Story about What Horses Do at Night While We Sleep. 

In this charming and funny book, Norman the horse wonders where Ellie goes after she hugs him goodnight. One night he loosens the latch on his stall and sneaks out. When he pushes his horse-sized body through the door and into Ellie’s house, he smells something delicious coming from the kitchen. While Ellie sleeps, Norman investigates. His equine curiosity and clumsy hooves create all sorts of chaos, leaving us wondering, will he wake Ellie?

Laugh out loud with the adventures of Norman, and find out what happens when we think our pets are sleeping. A perfect book to read together before bedtime!

5 out of 5 fairies

Night Night, Norman is adorable! Beautiful illustrations and a story that will make readers of any age giggle, this is the perfect bedtime read. I can't recommend it enough, and I'll definitely be telling all my mom friends about it!

You can see photos of the real-life Norman and download instructions on how to draw your very own horse art at
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Where to buy: Amazon
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About the Author: Marie Dimitrova has always felt a strong connection with animals, and they have served as the inspiration for her whimsical children’s books. Marie grew up in Southern California riding horses and competing in equestrian competitions. As a child, she always dreamed about what her horse, Norman, did at night while she was sleeping. Night Night, Norman is based on this funny, affectionate horse whom she cared for so much. Marie loves all animals, especially her pug, Lulu, who is a devoted writing companion.

About the Illustrator: Romi Caron is an award-winning illustrator of more than 80 books. She was born in Brno, Czech Republic, and studied at the Prague University of Fine Arts. She now lives in Gatineau, Quebec with her husband and three sons, in a house they designed themselves. They are near a beautiful park which she visits nearly every day for inspiration. 

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