Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Kid's Korner: The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook


The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook: For the Art of Your Discoveries
Written by Jean MacKay
Middle Grade Science, Nature, Drawing

This sketchbook helps kids look more closely at nature and capture what they discover with pencil, pen, and paint. The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook inspires exploration, creativity and observation, with beautiful sketchbook illustrations, ideas and tips, and plenty of space for kids to draw. 28 pages of instruction and color illustrations followed by blank pages, with more hints and examples every ten pages. A perfect tool for home schoolers, environmental education programs, STEAM programs, or to give as a gift to young artists and nature lovers. 

Fairy out of Fairy

The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook will make you want to explore the world around you no matter how old you are. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, and I love how art and nature are intertwined in this book. Kids are encouraged to explore with their art supplies while taking a closer look at the world around them. Perfect for any aspiring artist, even if they aren't in middle school anymore.

Where to buy: Amazon | Tumblehome Books
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Praise for The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook

"The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook is a wonderful tool for beginning journalists. The prompts and examples will inspire you to use your journal pages in new and creative ways that will bring you closer to nature. Grab your pencils and head out into the field. The world is yours to discover." - JOHN MUIR LAWS, Author of The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling

"Jean Mackay is one of the freshest, most observant nature journalers I know. Jean shows you how to capture beautiful images of nature, spend quality time in the field, and learn to be an integral part of the place your feet are planted. Step out into the field with Jean's book in hand; you'll find a world of natural magic waiting for you." - CATHY JOHNSON, Author of The Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature and Artist Journal Workshop

About the Author:  Artist and educator Jean Mackay has been exploring and sketching nature for more than 25 years. Working in all kinds of settings, from tide pools to farm fields to her own backyard in Upstate 

New York. Jean’s journals reflect a keen eye for detail and profound sense of wonder. Jean teaches each summer at the Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine.

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