Liliyana Shadowlyn

Liliyana discovered her love of reading at a young age. Her first words were, according to family legend, read and again. Actively pursuing her love of reading, she minored in literature at college. She is currently a housewife and practicing pagan, and has recently started crochet and cross stitch. She's hoping to publish her first book in early 2022. Her favorite advice to give: Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something. 
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Lys Luna

Lys's reading journey didn’t start out too great. After struggling with being able to read and being diagnosed with dyslexia, reading was not her favorite. Then she was introduced to Harry Potter and that all changed. Now she reads everything and anything. Lys prefers Sci-Fi, Mythology, Super Natural Romance and Spiritual books, but never turns down a good read. Interests outside of reading include being outdoors in the woods and rediscovering everything with her daughter. She is an advocate for breastfeeding, gentle parenting and loves to speak her truths.
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Don Schlaich

Don Schlaich is a graphics arts professional, author, and blogger currently living and cycling in Upstate New York. His first novel, Reckless Magus is available on Amazon, and his website and blog is He is currently running a fantasy tabletop RPG with a group of Luckless Fools, and you can listen to their adventures thus far here.


Dani LeChat

Growing up, Dani always had a book in hand and now she intends to instill the same love of reading into her daughter. In that endeavor the fantasy and romance novels have turned into more children’s picture books. Still when life allows, she will down a good romance novel in a day. When she’s not covered in spit up and poo, Dani spends her time advocating for mental health and playing an unhealthy amounts of video games, usually The Sims. Spending 6 years studying Japanese Language and Culture, she has a peculiar interest in eastern history and languages in general, as well as cooking, creative writing, and tarot reading.