Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Home for Wayward Girls: Book One: Beginnings

Title: The Home for Wayward Girls: Book One: Beginnings

Author: Lance Llyn

Genre: Thrillers, Erotica, BDSM

Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies

Where to buy: Amazon

Synopsis: Lance Llyn is a successful corporate investor, carefully cultivating investments in alternative sources of fuel and sustainable energy. Rather than posh, upscale offices in one of the West Coast's metroplexes, Mr. Llyn instead tries to live what he invests in - a better world for all, maintaining low-key offices in Tacoma where the wilds of the Pacific Northwest are just a short escape away from the city. 

In his private life, Mr. Llyn is an active practitioner of BDSM, an experienced Dominant, Sadist, and Top. While on a business trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland, Mr. Llyn attends a street festival and is swept up by the ambiance of the event, inspired to meet the person responsible for its organization. Into his life comes yvette, an Irish woman born of the country but now a resident of Belfast. During a lunch meeting, Mr. Llyn notices a symbolic ring on yvette's finger that marks her as a practioner of BDSM. A dinner date follows that launches the two into a complex relationship, one where yvette moves to the U.S. to work for Mr. Llyn's company and becomes his secretary, personal assistant, masochistic play partner, submissive, and eventually falls in love with her employer. Despite these parts of their relationship, Lance and yvette focus their time together as employer and employee in advancing the functionality of Mr. Llyn's company, and making Mr. Llyn's dream of creating a Home to help abused submissives to rehabilitate from mistreatment by others within the lifestyle become a reality. Through the course of a spring, summer, and fall, the construction of The Home for Wayward Girls faces many challenges, including the murder of a wayward girl whose body is found on the grounds, and the quest to find the girl's murderer. All the while, the relationship between Mr. Llyn and yvette continues to evolve until a pivotal event forces Mr. Llyn to make a decision, to face a choice that he never believed would come before him, a choice that threatens to make or break his world.

About the Author: Born in a small New England town where I spent my formative years and obtained what, for lack of any better term, could be called training that has benefitted me later in life, I eventually moved West as I headed into my adult years. Undergrad and grad school in Economics and Business Admin prepared me to start my own business, Lake Enterprises, a corporate investing firm.

That, however, is not the interesting part about me. You see, I live 24/7 in the BDSM lifestyle. I am a Dominat, a Top, a Sadist, and, most importantly, a Daddy. My life before the lifestyle formed a general character mindset to me; entering the lifestyle solidified who I am as a Man. My experiences within the lifestyle have been myriad and wonderful. And terrible. One of the most important things I have learned is that, while in the vanilla world a bad man can ruin a good woman in their vanilla relationship very easily, a bad Dominant can cripple a good submissive almost permanently in the BDSM lifestyle. I have seen this time and again. It goes again my feelings for how women should be treated and led to my Dream and the creation of the Home for Wayward Girls, a rehab facility of sorts for those submissives who have been sorely damaged by the lifestyle. The Home provides them with a safe place to find the tools they need to break free of their patterns of behavior and become the architects of their own salvation.

My first book, The Home for Wayward Girls: Book One - Beginnings recounts the years preceding and opening of the Home. In it you will see a beautiful love story, a tragedy, a quest for justice, a tragic mistake, and the search for redemption. Not everything goes as planned. My second book, currently a WIP, is entitled Perfectly Flawed by Love and follows the early existence of the Home, it's girls, and my experiences with my girl. There will be a third book but as I am living those events, I have yet to see what the future holds for me to write about.

Review:  I have connected with this book in so many ways, and greatly enjoyed reading it. I've come to feel like Lance and yvette are friends, and I look forward to reading the sequels someday. Reading this was a sort of present for me however. Because of my background, this truly does give me hope for the broken and lost ones now. I could so easily have ended up as one of them. I was lucky. It warms my heart to know there are people like you who care out there. I'm glad you've decided to share your story this way. The world really does need more people who care.