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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Singing Sunday: Revenants – The Odyssey Home

This week's singing Sunday is inspired by Revenants – The Odyssey Home, written by Scott Kauffman. The story evoked so many strong emotions in me that I decided to pair it with music that has always evoked strong emotions in me. Enjoy!

The list is provided below, but you can listen to the whole playlist by clicking here.

1. Sacred Baroque Music from Royal Chapel of Spain
2. Russian Sacred Music: The Divine Wisdom of St. Sofia
3. Orlande de Lassus - Psalmi poenitentialis
4. Alfonso X - Cantigas de Santa Maria
5. BACH- CANTATAS BWV 27, 84, 95 & 161
6. Machaut - Messe de Notre Dame (abbaye de Thoronet, Ens. G. Binchois, dir. D. Vellard)
7. Palestrina, Canticum canticorum
8. Felix Mendelssohn - Hymne Op. 96, Lauda Sion Op. 73
9. Felix Mendelssohn - Sacred Pieces , Op. 23 , Motets Op. 69
10. Jan Dismas Zelenka: Missa Votiva in E minor - Václav Luks
11. Zelenka: Missa Omnium Sanctorum, ZWV 21