Saturday, October 1, 2016

Shout Out Saturday: Georgia McBride

Brief Bio

Georgia McBride is founder of Georgia McBride Media Group, home of Month9Books, Swoon Romance, and Tantrum Books. She develops content for film and TV, and is also a speculative fiction writer. Georgia founded the #YAlitchat hashtag and weekly chat on Twitter in 2009. There she hosted many notable authors such as Cassandra Clare, Alyson Noel, Corey Whaley, Kody Keplinger, Marie Liu and more. She has used her experience launching brands in the music business, licensing music to film and TV, launching new technology products, and marketing and product development to build the Georgia McBride Media Group brand. 
Georgia is one of Publishers Marketplace’s most prolific editors, and has spent most of 2014 and 2015 atop the editors lists in Editors, Young Adult, Digital New Adult, and Digital deals. She’s completed over 170 publishing deals on behalf of three imprints since March 2012.

Why Georgia?

I didn't know who Georgia McBride was before a friend shared her status on September 14, 2016. Georgia had made the original post the day before. It really hit me deeply. Georgia is eloquent, and able to say things that I wish I had the ability to say as clearly as she does. We're living in a time when people are fed up with the stagnation of what was started with the civil rights movement. Instead of continuing to move forward, we are stuck. There is not equality. CIS white male privilege rules the day, followed by CIS white women, and all whites, with POC following much lower on the ladder. Yet whenever a POC speaks up about this inequality, this UNFAIRNESS, and tries to be heard, hate is spewed at them. The vitriol of the ignorant is poisoning the water of society, and making it impossible for the oppressed to overthrow the chains of their oppression. Things can't change until we all take a stand and say: THIS IS NOT FAIR. How long can a society continue on the basis of oppressing the people who contribute so much to it's culture and well being? It's time to stand, side by side, and say ENOUGH. Now is the time for change. Even if you aren't ready to stand up, at least learn to keep the hate to yourself. Hate only brings more hate, and the world does not need any more of it.

The Posts

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