Sunday, November 20, 2016

How You Get the Girl

Title: How You Get the Girl

Author: Quirah Casey

Genre: Contemporary, New Adult & College Romance

Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies

Where to buy: Amazon

Synopsis: Ethan Hanson's 5 a.m. runs are usually boring, but that changes when he meets his new short, foul-mouthed, combat-boot-wearing neighbor. From that moment on, he can't keep Sabra Cross out of his mind, and he isn't sure he wants to. Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend, and he can't figure Sabra out. One minute, she seems to hate his guts but then she's shooting him half smiles that makes his heart beat out of his chest. He knows Sabra's keeping secrets and has problems with trusting others.
Is Ethan willing to risk the stable life he's built for a relationship that's doomed?

Review: A unique, unexpected, and totally relatable romance novel. I immediately related to Sabra and Ethan, and found myself wondering what I would do if I was in their shoes. The tricky steps of trying to navigate young love are not something I miss from my college years, but I applaud Quirah Casey for how masterfully the maze is navigated.