Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving (US)

What is Thanksgiving in the US?

What started as a day to give thanks has slowly evolved for retailers and some Americans as a day to go out and spend spend spend. It's also a time when many people see family they don't see any other time of the year, or try to avoid spending time with said family by volunteering to work on those days.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving (traditionally)?

  • Charity (working at a soup kitchen, taking in people who have nowhere to go or anyone to spend the holiday with)
  • Giving thanks for all the good in your life
  • Parades such as the Macy's one
  • American Football
  • Pardoning the Turkey by the POTUS


  • The beginning of 'Black Friday' deals on Thanksgiving Day, forcing people to leave their families and work so other Americans can exercise their desire for more instead of being thankful for what they have
  • National Day of Mourning for Native Americans because it's another reminder of how the colonists took over and tried to wipe out the Native Americans.