Sunday, December 18, 2016

Reclamation: The Journey of a Lost Soul

Title: Reclamation: The Journey of a Lost Soul

Author: Sandy Frediani

Genre: Adult fiction, Dark fantasy

Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies

Where to buy: Amazon

Synopsis: Frustrated by protesters, real estate developer Benton accepts an invitation to a Cois gathering, hoping to learn why they stand in the way of his new super mall. During the celebration an ancient tale is told - the story of a child lost and a duty broken. 
His name was Emach. Raised on cruelty and betrayed by a woman, he seeks vengeance, discarding what remains of his humanity to become a legend of evil. Fleeing pursuit, he hides within a small forest where he confronts something outside his realm of experience. The story continues, telling of a mute woman who struggles against her fear of a sacred forest and is given the choice of making the ultimate sacrifice to heal her husband.
With a special invitation by the Cois to witness a sacred ceremony, Benton struggles with his own reservations and enters the small forest which is the cause of the protests. There he learns why the forest is so important to the Cois and makes an unsettling discovery about himself.
Suggested for readers over 18 due to mature content. 

Review:  One word - WOW. I loved this book. Definitely not for those who are...uncomfortable with more explicit adult themes, however. A journey in three intertwining parts, follow along and learn, just what happens to a soul, and whether it can be redeemed.