Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Princess Lemonella

Title: Princess Lemonella

Author: Saarein te Brake 

Illustrator: Sassafras de Bruyn

Genre: Children's

Rating: 3 out of 5 fairies

Where to buy: Amazon

Synopsis: Princess Lemonella is born angry. She always looks sour and never smiles.
When the king and queen try to find a prince for her, she sends all the candidates away.
Until one prince just rides past her …
A funny and romantic fairy tale about how love can make you smile.
For princes and princesses aged 5 years and older.

About the Author: Saarein te Brake (1979, Amsterdam) graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences as a Dutch teacher in 2007. After some years of teaching, she started her own company in developing teaching materials. Every now and then she gets up on stage to perform sung poems.

About the Illustrator: Sassafras de Bruyn (1990, Belgium) studied at the Sint Lucas Art Academy of Antwerp. She works as illustrator and graphic designer for a children's theater group. In 2015 her first picture book 'Cleo' was published. This was a wish come true. Since then illustrating pictures books has become part of her daily life.

Review: Unique illustrations and a cute story. Watch as sourpuss Lemonella meets and dismisses fairy tale princes only to grow and learn about love and how it can change your life - and your outlook on it.