Sunday, May 28, 2017

Krikkit's Shoes

Title: Krikkit's Shoes: D'Arragon Prophecy

Author: Jessie L Best

Genre: Children's Books

Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies

Where to buy: Amazon

Synopsis: Life is pretty ordinary for Krikkit. Ordinary and rather boring. Boring, that is, until she places the shiny black leather shoes she rescued from beneath her bed, on her nine-year-old feet.
Transported almost instantly to the Kingdom of D'Arragon, she becomes caught up in the mystery and magic of the royal D'Arragon Dynasty.
Sorcery and intrigue abound, but Krikkit's sense of adventure overcomes her fear and doubt as she enters a wondrous new world she could never have imagined existed.
She attempts, with the help of Jara, a D'Arragon sorcerer, to prevent a century-old prophecy from becoming a horrible reality that would change the royal dynasty forever.
Amidst all the excitement and chaos Krikkit encounters, she cannot help but wonder if she will ever get home again.

About the Author: Jessie L. Best was born in the Ottawa Valley area and now resides near Toronto, Ontario. She creates mystical fantasy adventures for children and young adults. Possessing a vivid imagination, she creates vibrant characters and magical worlds to delight young readers.

Review:  Krikkit is the quintessential pre-teen and someone who is easy to identify with. I've always wished for some magic and adventure in my life, and Krikkit gets just that (although not the way she expected)! Magic, mystery, and intrigue make up this wonderful adventure tale.

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