Monday, October 23, 2017

The Flying Frog and the Kidnappers

Title: The Flying Frog and the Kidnappers

Author: David Yair

Genre: Children's, Middle Grade, Mystery, Fantasy

Rating: 3 out of 5 fairies

Synopsis: This is the 4th book in “The Flying Frog" series.
You probably already know Quack the frog, and its special relationship with the Kids of the Rimon Family.
With the help of his friends, Quack is a flying frog! This unique ability helps him solve crimes together with the family kids.
However, what happens when the kids are in trouble and Need his help? Will he be able to save them?

Review: A cute story, with fun characters. The illustrations were nice. I do have a few concerns. This is a book targeted at kids, yet although the grammar is correct, there are numerous spelling mistakes, something I wouldn't want kids thinking are the proper way of spelling words. I would give this a higher rating if there were less spelling issues. Otherwise, a fun read for kids.
***Please note: the copy I received was directly through Amazon, and is the published version, not an uncorrected ARC***

Where to buy: Amazon, Amazon UK

About the Author: For most of his life, David Yair was involved in construction. 
Born in Iran, he immigrated to Israel with his parents as a child. The family lived in a poverty struck area of Jerusalem. David was educated in Kibbutz Matzuba in the Western Galilee, and later in Kibbutz Mishmarot in central Israel. He began writing this book as notes jotted down between one battle and the next. On returning from war, he began to shape them into the current work. Initially published as a print book, it recently appeared in digital form, and is now appearing in English.
David Yair took up writing again some years ago, producing an expansive novel. The figures peopling his narrative are drawn from the Jewish community in the Czech Republic prior to and during the Holocaust, during the 1948 War of Independence, and Israel’s early years. Titled “Encounters of Destiny,” the book was published in Hebrew by Carmelim Publishers.
David Yair, a member of the Israel Authors Association, loves the art of telling tales. He has penned a series of children’s books, the first of which, “The Flying Frog and the Bandits,” appeared in print in Hebrew by Tzameret Publications. 

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