Friday, May 11, 2018

I'm Not Okay

I'm Not Okay by Renee Antonia 
Young Adult Fiction, Mental Health

When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing that goes through Alejandra's head is whether or not she will be forced into another anxiety-inducing situation. The struggles of being a young adult living with an anxiety-ridden brain becomes too much for Alejandra to deal with. So, with the help of her friends, she forces herself out of the bubble her anxiety has placed her in.  She learns to conquer the fears she once thought would destroy her and learns to rely on herself more than she ever has.

5 out of 5 fairies

I'm Not Okay will hit you square in the chest. It's a raw, unapologetic look into the life and mind of a teen-not-quite-adult with severe anxiety, a family who doesn't understand, and friends who do their best to support her. As someone who grew up dealing with severe anxiety, I wish I'd had this book as a teen. It's really difficult to understand what it's like to live with it unless you've experienced it, but this book does a great job of bringing the reader in, and will hopefully make other young adults dealing with anxiety and depression feel less alone, and maybe help others understand just how isolating and dogged the disorders can be. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially if you or someone you know is struggling to fight off anxiety. 

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About the Author: Renee Antonia grew up in the Los Angeles area with four siblings and two wonderful parents. Having such a
strong support system enabled her to decide who and what she wanted to be. However, this question haunted her for years, because she couldn't quite pinpoint what exactly she saw herself doing for the rest of her life.

She began to read a lot, hoping to find inspiration between the pages of a book. It was at this time that she realized one thing. She loved sharing, reading, and writing. Renee decided that she wanted to be a writer, and since that day, she has taken any steps necessary
to achieve that goal.

You can find Renee Antonia on her website, or on Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

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