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Shout Out Saturday: Author LT Marshall

You can check out my review of The Carrero Effect here

Lily: Thank you so much for doing this interview! I was
absolutely blown away by The Carrero Effect! Emma was so relatable, and you really made it possible to step right into her shoes, even if she was a little more tightly wound than I currently am. Was Emma inspired by anyone?

LT: I hate to admit it, but Emma is based on myself and several close friends combined and represents a stage of healing in a similar journey, between many women. I took elements from people I knew, from my own self and some fabricated parts of her personality. She became her own person, but all our little insecurities and real-life reactions are laced into her internal behaviors.

Lily: I think that’s a great place to find inspiration. I think it just helps make her seem so much more real! What’s your favorite scene in the book (without giving away any spoilers)? For me it was when Emma first meets Jake, she’s just so adorable!

LT: I think for me, in book 1 it has to be the middle of the night kiss. Her own unforced reaction to him when she lets herself act without fear or thought. His response was absolutely brutal though but that’s Jake all over. So damned gahhhhh at times. Only he could have that kind of disorder.

Lily: Honestly there are a few moments where I just want to shake Jake a little but it just makes me like him more because he’s human. If The Carrero Effect was to become a movie, and you could cast anyone as Emma and Jake, who would you choose?

LT: We have argued over this endlessly in the fan group and for a long while I was adamant that Chris Wood from Containment would be my Jake. Although I do not think I have yet found the perfect Jake or Emma, they are so specific in my mind, but he has been a close contender with the character he played in that role. Emma would be someone delicate and innocent to look at with a steel inner determination. No idea who I would cast though.

Lily: I like the idea of Chris Wood playing Jake, and I admit the role of Emma would be a hard cast. The cover was simple, with clean lines yet powerful. What made you decide to skip the typical romance-erotica sexy cover models?

LT: I have a background in art and design and I knew before I wrote even one word what I wanted the cover to portray. Each one is a symbol of an important aspect of the story. Her shoes to her uniform, her armor. And I wanted simple yet bold, so they stood out from the droves of overdone romance covers. I wanted the inner symbolic points to be the focus, more than the fact it’s a romance novel and I think the covers in some way do that for me.

Lily: I absolutely agree. Honestly if I saw this on the shelves with romance novels, I’d be immediately drawn to it! OK, you’ve hopped into a time machine and gone back to when you first started writing The Carrero Effect. What would you tell yourself now that it’s become the first book in a successful series?

LT: Hire an editor from day one LOL. It’s the one area in my earlier days the books needed help and we are now painstakingly going through them all one by one. This book was re-released only last month with an added paperback in a newly polished and formatted version that gives me more confidence. We are working on book two now. It would be that, above all else.

Lily: I understand that. I know at least one other author currently polishing up a book for re-release with the help of an editor. I can’t wait to read the new version of book two! Is there anything you would like to tell our readers anything about the other books in the series?

LT: My books are split into trilogies yet all link in one bigger picture. So you can read a trilogy alone if you prefer, but to get the full understanding and the links between each book, you need to read them in order. You get so much more depth of understanding. Also, the male bonus books (after every 2nd book), cover the male’s feelings in key point scenes that change your whole perspective. Every trilogy deals with some form of healing. In this trilogy and the next, the focus is childhood abuse. In the one I am working on now it’s still sexual abuse but in a completely different way and a completely different effect on the heroine. The books to follow are about coercive control. I write gritty topics respectfully and try to show people that not all victims display certain behaviors that make it obvious to others.

Lily: One of the things I loved about this was you don’t shy away from the hard topics, and now I’m even more excited to read your other books. Now that we’ve talked about your awesome writing, let’s get down to getting to know the voice behind the words. When did you start writing?

LT: I have written since childhood and was offered my first publishing deal at 17. I wrote for a local paper when I was in high school and had some poems published as a child too. It’s always been in my blood to write so it made sense after a long gap to come back to it now my life was settled.

Lily: That’s great! I love how early you got started, I don’t often hear that from authors. Do you have a favorite book that you’ll never get tired of re-reading?

LT: The Hobbit. It’s my feel good, go back to book that I read once a year. Usually around Christmas. I first read it as a child after my teacher began reading it to us in class and was completely hooked.

Lily: I’m actually rereading The Hobbit right now. You’re going to be on a desert island for six months and you get to choose five things (or people) to take with you. What/who would they be?

LT: My other half and two kids because I would go insane if I did not. He’s a very outdoorsy person and a handy carpenter so he would enable our survival and build us a house lol. I would take a very sharp axe for him to use and a boat, so we can fish and go home at the end lol. Always handy to keep a way out hahaha.

Lily: Sounds like a great plan and you’d be thriving! Do you have any unique rituals you do for inspiration?

LT: I image collect before a book and make a cover. It’s how I store ideas instead of taking notes. I will also spend a good few days not going anywhere near my word doc and let the story build like a movie in my head slowly. I compile playlists of songs that I feel might tie into a storyline I have in mind and will compile it for the writing stage. I tend to just mull it over and get on with arts and crafts while the plot steeps like a teabag for a while.

Lily: I love the image of the story steeping like a tea bag. Speaking of, What’s your favorite thing to drink while writing?

LT: Tea or Irn bru. Scottish blend teabags, all the way lol. I am so stereotypical Scot LMAO

Lily: Nothing wrong with being stereotypical once in awhile! One more BIG question, for your computer, do you prefer Apple, PC, or Chromebook?

LT: I have a Lenovo ideacentre PC (windows) and I won’t write on anything else but my pc. I have tried my laptop and just cannot get the same flow of writing going. One place, one machine.

Lily: I’ve heard that from a few authors. Same machine, same place. Before we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?

LT: I maybe should add a little secret about my books that most readers do not pick up on. I actually wrote a blog post about it a couple of weeks back and it’s about hidden elements in the plots. Some of my characters have underlying disorders or reasons for their personalities. There is one with OCD, one with ADHD and one with high functioning Asperger’s. In book 6 you find out a little fact about a character that makes you rethink his entire story. These are all things I have personal experience in and wanted to include these people without labels to show how normal they are. Unless you know what you are looking for then you will miss it entirely, but those who know completely relate to these characters and feel like it’s a special secret. A nod to fellow kindred. Awareness in a subtle way. I like complex clever details.

Lily: I think that’s absolutely beautiful, especially as someone who struggles with some disorders myself. People always seem shocked by how normal people can be with them, and this is a great way to showcase that! How can readers discover more about you and you work?

LT: At my website, my Amazon author page, my blog, and on Facebook. You can also find me on Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you're interested in my work, you can check out the main Carrero series here, the bonus books here, and Just Rose here

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