Monday, August 27, 2018

The Fear

Title: The Fear

Author: Rae Louise

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies

Synopsis: Fear is all in the mind ...
But Mia’s nightmares become a reality when she and her troubled sister, Jamie, inherit their deceased uncle’s house and experience phenomena that extends way beyond a typical haunting. Only Mia’s infant daughter is aware of the sinister presence of a man that roams freely about the house, but it’s Jamie who has become the subject of the entity’s torment.
No one’s secrets stay buried for long, and the psychological abuse that the family are forced to endure soon turns physical, with the demon’s attachment to Jamie taking on a sexually violent nature. When the evil spreads beyond the boundaries of the house and wreaks chaos in the lives of those closest to Mia, she knows that she must uncover the house’s past, along with the identity of its ghostly inhabitant, in order to sever his hold on anyone who enters.

Review: I have to admit, I'm a horror/thriller junkie. TV, movies, books, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of media within the genre falls flat, or so far below the mark, it's comical. This is not one of those times. This book blew me out of the water. I loved this as much as I love my Stephen King books. I had to read this with all the lights on. I cannot wait to see what else Rae Louise writes. Even if it's a different genre, I would read it, just because of the storytelling style!

Where to buy: Amazon

About the Author: Rae Louise is a horror author from Staffordshire, UK. Her love of the genre began with the Point Horror and Shivers collections and soon evolved to film and TV. She picked up her first Shaun Hutson book when she was way too young, and then eagerly dived into the darkness that was her mother's bookshelves.
Rae's artistic flair led her to take a Diploma in Media Makeup, Prosthetics and Special Effects. She also dabbles in gothic artwork and enjoys sketching iconic characters from film and games. Being a bit of a recluse, most of her free time is spent with her pets.
Rae's first publication was a short story for the dark anthology, Beast: A New Beginning (formerly Beasts: Genesis and Revelations). She wrote Mad Merlin in memory of her paraplegic rabbit, who lost the use of his back legs after suffering neurological damage. The fictional story has a comical twist to represent Merlin's character, turning his pet wheelchair into a 'chariot of death'. You can read more about Merlin's backstory on Wattpad.
Rae's debut novel, The Fear, is a paranormal horror with psychological elements; influenced by her ongoing battle with anxiety and her passion for investigating haunted places. She's currently working on her second novel.

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