Friday, August 31, 2018

The Five Fierce Tigers of Rosa Martinez

Title: The Five Fierce Tigers of Rosa Martinez

Author: Burt Kemper

Genre: Children's

Rating: 5 out of 5 fairies

Synopsis: Rosa Martinez is seriously ill. She has the loving support of her mother and grandfather and a doctor who takes good care of her. But she also has a secret weapon. Rosa can summon five tigers to come to her aid when she's sailing or in big trouble. Her disease may think it has the upper hand for now, but wait until it encounters Gautama, Airk Vashti, Selena and Quan--the five fierce tiers of Rosa Martinez. Young readers will delight in their daring adventures and who knows: they may even be able to call forth guarding animals of their own when they need them.

Review: This is an absolutely endearing tale of the brave little girl and her five very fierce friends. The Five Fierce Tigers of Rosa Martinez showcases the power of imagination and belief. Sometimes all the help and strength we need is just hiding inside of us. Just remember not to summon your own tigers for frivolous reasons. 

Where to buy: Amazon

About the Author: Burt Kempner is a scriptwriter, producer and children's book author. He has also written Larry the Lazy Blue Whale and Monty the Movie Star Moose. He lives in Gainesville, Florida, with his wife, two dogs, and a highly demanding cat.

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