Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Final Reckoning

The Final Reckoning by Chris Bishop
The Shadow of the Raven #3
Historical Fiction

Despite Alfred's great victory at Edington, Wessex is far from secure.

With the threat of an imminent Viking attack, Matthew, now a warrior, is sent to fortify and defend the ford at Leatherhead. There, hopelessly outnumbered, he faces his sternest test as he and a small band of barely trained Saxon warriors strive to hold out long enough for help to arrive or resolve to die trying.

In a time ravaged by political uncertainty, Matthew is placed in intense personal danger as he is also ordered to investigate the tyranny of the Ealdorman's stepson and dispense justice as he sees fit.

With his life still threatened by the wound to his chest, what is asked of him seems more than any man should endure as he faces . . . The Final Reckoning

5 out of 5 fairies

The Final Reckoning is a brilliant piece of historical fiction. Reading this book is like watching a movie unfold before your eyes. Perfect for historical fiction lovers, political minefields and battlefield daring combine to bring the strife of the time to life. Bishop will keep you enthralled as you follow Matthew on this journey. A must read if you enjoy historical fiction that captures the feel of the time.

Where to buy: Amazon US and Amazon UK

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