Friday, June 7, 2019

The Vogt House

The Vogt House (The Decadence Series Book 1) by Quinn Slater 
Paranormal Erotic Fantasy

The Vogt House is looking for a new owner. Someone rich. Someone willing to explore and expand its fairytale existence in the town of Decadence. Cy Hall, the newest Powerball winner, a man with wicked dreams, and the money to make all his dreams come true takes a liking to Vogt House. But Vogt House has its own plans for Cy, plans that take him into the fairytales of his youth. Plans that include most of the people in his life. And a plan to turn him into a creature of the night. In Vogt House dreams, fairytales and nightmares do come true.

2 out of 5 fairies

The Vogt House is 90% sex and 10% plot. The book needs a once over by an editor as there are some spelling/grammar mistakes that while not detracting from the overall story are somewhat distracting. Not that there is much of a story to detract from. The sex is hot, don't get me wrong, but there is zero character development and very little plot. Definitely doesn't live up to the promise of the synopsis.

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About the Author: Quinn Slater lives in a large town in Kentucky where many of his stories take place. His writing career began in mainstream fiction where he has published five novels. But then he found a delicious appetite for writing erotic fiction. You can visit Quinn at his website.

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