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Station Fosaan

I'm thrilled to share with you all today, Station Fosaan (Book #1 of the Torch World series) by Dee Garretson. This exciting book is best described as Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan meets Jules Verne's The Lost World. I have an excerpt for you to read and a chance to win all sorts of book swag AND a paperback copy of the book! station fosaan
Station Fosaan
Publication Date: February 14th, 2017
Genre: YA Sci-Fi/ Space Opera/ Post-Apocalypse

Scientists and their families stationed on the remote planet of Fosaan were promised a tropical vacation-like experience. But Fosaan, devastated from an apocalyptic event nearly 300 years ago, is full of lethal predators and dangerous terrain. Earthers are forbidden to go beyond the safety zone of their settlement and must not engage the remaining reclusive Fosaanians, native to the planet. 16-year-old Quinn Neen is about to do both of those things. During an unsanctioned exploration of the planet, Quinn discovers a Fosaanian girl named Mira stealing food from his family’s living unit. But before he can convince her to show him around, scientists are taken captive, leaving Quinn and the other young Earthers at the mercy of space raiders. Quinn must go from renegade to leader and convince Mira to become an ally in a fight against an enemy whose very existence threatens their lives and the future of Earthers stuck on Fosaan and at home.

Rating: 3 out of 5 fairies

Review: I'm a little torn on how to rate/review this story. On the one hand, if colonialism wasn't such a horrible thing here in real life, I would completely give this a full 5/5 rating. It's well written, with strong characters. But I can't look at this in a bubble. At times it feels like Garretson is trying to address colonialism and the way history is rewritten by the victors. But then it swings right back to how the natives are in the wrong for defending their planet and wanting the earth colonizers gone. Their methods might seem horrible to us, but given what they've been through, would we think it was so horrible if we were the ones trying to get rid of alien colonizers on Earth? You'll have to read to decide for yourself.

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I turned to go back when a flash of white caught my eye. Startled, I dropped the stick and then tripped over it. A girl, a Fosaanian girl, stood clutching a wafer loaf to her chest, a cloud of long shimmery white hair quivering. In fact, all of her was shivering. She was soaked, water dripping off her. I could see her wet footprints all over the kitchen. Her silvery eyes held mine and I couldn’t think of a thing to say. I wasn’t usually so speechless around girls with incredible eyes, but I’d never encountered one I didn’t know in my own quarters. “What are you doing?” I finally managed to croak, even though it was obvious she was taking the loaf, or more accurately, stealing the loaf. Fosaanians never came out onto the Earthers’ floating compound. “I’m sorry,” the girl said, putting the loaf back on counter and edging to the door. “No, wait!” I didn’t mean to shout, but my words came out too loud. The girl froze like I had issued an order, though I could tell she was ready to bolt. “It’s okay,” I said. “I mean, if you’re hungry, take it.” Picking the loaf up, I held it out to her, hoping it would convince her to stay for a little while. She would be the first Fosaanian I had talked to, if I could get her to talk. The small population of Fosaanians, the descendants of the few who had survived the planetary apocalypse, kept away from all of us Earthers, except for the ones who worked at the supply depot or who delivered the iridium sulfide. None of those could be called the least bit friendly. She didn’t take the loaf, but she didn’t run either. Instead, she stood there looking around the room, clearly curious. “I have an even better idea,” I said, trying to come up with one. “How about I fix us both something to eat? I’m hungry too.”
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For your chance to win a paperback copy of Station Fosaan and all the cool swag shown above, click the link below! a Rafflecopter giveaway garretsonauthorphoto I write, and read, and then write some more. I live in Ohio with my husband, two children and two cats in a cluttered house surrounded by semi-wild gardens. I grew up in Mt. Pleasant, a small town in Iowa, spending my time outside playing in the woods, or helping my father build his offbeat inventions, and writing stories. When it came time to decide on a college, I thought I would try out city life for a change, and so I moved to Massachusetts to attend Tufts University, where I obtained a degree in International Relations. Degree in hand, I quickly realized I was not meant to work inside in an office, and because I had become obsessed with plants, I decided to get a degree in Landscape Horticulture, as a way to get back outside. I worked as a landscape designer and taught landscape horticulture classes for several years before returning to writing. Dee Garretson Twitter: @deegarretson Facebook: @DeeGarretsonBooks Instagram: @deegarretsonauthor
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