Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Check It Out: Seeds of the Dead

Seeds of the Dead by Jeffrey Turner
Zombie Short Story Collection

Loved ones are missing, and the ones that are here are missed. During times of darkness, havoc, incertitude, and death, decisions of love, trust, ambiguity, and honor are tested. Walk with five survivors during these testing times in their lives, which is upturned due to the epidemic surrounding them.

Alexandria, understanding the fresh feelings of her parents divorce.

Trevor, coping with losing the love of his life.

Tabitha, yearning for a mother, who left her to fend for herself.

Pat, dying from starvation, while keeping two vital men in her life from killing each other.

Lynnette, watching herself uncontrollably lose her family without saying goodbye.

Unravel the love, heartache, and resolution of these survivors.

4 out of 5 fairies

Seeds of the Dead is a great afternoon read. Each story is different, yet entwined with the others in some way. Full of chills, suspense, and heartache, this quick read will keep you enthralled. If you like zombie stories that focus less on zombies and more on the people coping with the apocalypse, you'll enjoy this book.

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About the Author: Profound. Open minded. Compassionate.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jeffrey Turner moved to Atlanta, Georgia at the young age of five with his mother and younger brother after the loss of his father. With a natural talent of storytelling, Turner was encouraged, by his college professor, to write hone his writing skills after reciting a poignant poem in class. However it wasn’t until years later Turner decided to acuminate his craft of writing and storytelling to create heart throbbing stories in which readers would become emotionally invested.

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