Monday, April 27, 2020

Check It Out: Magic Through the Mirror

Magic Through the Mirror: On the Other Side by Aria Raposo Trueman 
Young Adult Fantasy

Rachel, an orphan girl with a tragically dramatic past, finds herself in a rigid and miserable academy for girls. She dreams of an escape where she can start a new life. She and her best and only friend find a way for her to break free. Once outside, she discovers a deep secret and multiple fairy tale universes far beyond her limits of comprehension. Will she stay or give it up?

1 out of 5 fairies

First, a disclaimer; I am aware that the author is a 12-year-old, but I always give honest reviews, and I'm going to review this like I would any other book. It would be unfair to every other author's books I've reviewed if I adjusted my reviews because of age. I don't like giving negative reviews, but I'm always honest.

I was not impressed by Magic Through the Mirror. Although the premise is interesting, and this is marketed as a young adult book, it's written at a less than middle grade level. The themes are too mature for a younger audience, but the book does not deliver.

All character appearances are over described. The author seems to be trying to use more sophisticated words without really grasping their meaning, as there are often words that don't really fit. It's as if they were using a thesaurus in an attempt to make it appear as though they were older with a wider vocabulary.

It started off poorly, and was completely unbelievable within the first few pages (and this is before any of the fantasy came into play). There's no way to tell when there are time skips in the prologue except Rachel's age suddenly changing, and it's very confusing.

Starting from chapter one, there's nothing relatable about Rachel. She's annoying and bratty and makes the reader totally lose interest in reading the story at all. The complete disconnect between how the world works and how the story progresses before the fantasy world comes into play is just overwhelming.

In conclusion, I think the author should continue to practice writing, but stick to genres closer to their current writing style/ability to improve. I truly believe they could one day blossom into a great writer. However, I cannot recommend this book.

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About the Author: Aria Trueman is a young author who lives in Caledon, Ontario. She began writing short stories at the age of four and her love of novels began when she read her first book series at the age of nine. Aria is an artist and enjoys drawing, reading, playing piano and horseback riding. Fully bilingual, she attends French school and enjoys time with her friends and family. Aria’s dream is for a world free from judgement where individuality is accepted.  She is interested in learning Japanese and wants to become a full-time, successful author after she finishes university.

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