Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Check It Out: No More Doubt

No More Doubt: a stirring tale of obsession and salacious intent by Ailia Civic 
Erotic Paranormal Romance

Two men obsessed with the same woman both want to control her. 

One is filled with love, devotion, and an overpowering desire to win her mentally and physically for life. The other is possessed with an overwhelming fantasy to see her suffer, and to destroy her both mentally and physically.

The novel centers on how relationships, backgrounds, and mental obsession compels, guides, and shapes the way men might view life as a result of their past experiences. It is also a tale of how intentions can become obsessive, racing on parallel paths toward a totally unexpected conclusion.

Yet, the suspense is relieved by humor and a remarkable love affair guaranteed to beneficially affect virtually any man/woman relationship.

3 out of 5 fairies

No More Doubt captures you from the start. I'll admit the first time I saw this book my jaw dropped. It's fairly large. It starts off strong and gets your heart racing. I would have given this a higher rating, but there are too many chapters that have nothing to do with the main storyline, and slow down the pacing of the book before it picks back up. It's a good read and kept me captivated as three lives collided. Good way to pass a few afternoons.

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About the Author: First-time author Ailia Civic grew up in the Midwest and now lives temporarily in Nebraska. She travels extensively.

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