Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Check It Out: The Quill Method

The Quill Method: Conquer Depression in 10 Steps by Sylvester Quill 

On one eventful day,  Mr Quill decided to give himself a shot at a better life. And he never regretted his decision. Now he is confident about himself, has run a marathon and volunteers with a palliative care organization. He has also become so spectacularly productive that he was promoted twice within 2 years.

The Quill Method to conquer depression in 10 steps is an unconventional approach to a very conventional problem - Depression. It is a malady that affects men, women, kids, teens, and older adults.

The author, Sylvester Quill, was raised by a single mother and fought poverty, abuse, depression and anxiety for a good part of his life. Overcoming and conquering depression was one of the greatest challenges in his life. The Quill Method has its roots in his struggles.

Here are a few highlights of the book:

+ He works with a 10-step plan through which he helps the reader navigate the complex issue of depression. Each step of The Quill Method is embodied in a quote as their respective chapters begin.

+ First, he helps the reader identify and understand their problems related to depression.

+ Then, he proceeds to explain the mechanics of depression from a physiological and psychological standpoint.

+ After that, he helps the reader get into the right mindset to overcome depression.

+ Finally, he goes on to define the action items and some very useful methods to conquer depression. He shares his insights on the methods for people suffering from depression. He has backed up his system with ample scientific proof.

+ He discusses topics like Major Depressive Depression, Seasonal Depression, Persistent Depression, Postpartum Depression, etc.

+ He explains the scientific factors of depression. He also touches upon behavioural theories and psychological aspects of depression.

+ Most importantly, he has explained the importance and timing of medical interventions.

If you are battling depression yourself or have a loved one who is, The Quill Method can be the breakthrough you need to conquer depression.

3 out of 5 fairies

The Quill Method is a good resource. Although overflowing with information, within the first few pages I realized it wasn't very accessible. Unless you already have a decent grasp of the vocabulary involved, you might find this a bit daunting and not get to the later chapters. A great resource I just wish it was more accessible. 

Where to buy: Amazon, Amazon UK

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About the Author: Sylvester Quill is a methodical writer who pens from experience. He is a Software Engineer and Leader by profession. He is also an eternal student of disciplines such of Leadership, Psychology, Data Analytics, Statistics and Productivity.

He has an excellent foundation in structural thinking and planning. As such, his writing helps in explaining complex problems in a simple step-by-step manner. Through this, he helps his readers take clear, actionable steps towards creating healthy lifestyle habits and a more positive state of mind.

He writes because he feels that people need clarity, structure and a plan when fighting their inner demons or learning something new. He feels that it is this clarity in vision and action that will help people make the right changes and take the right steps in life. He only writes content that he can substantiate with scientific principles or research, philosophical foundations, experienced intuition or pure rationality.

If you are looking for practical, reliable, structured solutions and help that resonate with your emotional or educational struggles, you will find his works right down your alley.

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