Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Kid's Korner: Moon Puppets

Moon Puppets
Written by Baxter B Bramatti
Illustrated by Taylor J Graham 
Children's Picture Book

Flora wants to cast shadows on the moon by using light from the sun. But can she stretch her arms up high enough to see her dreams come true? Flora will have to combine her imagination and determination to create the most fantastic shadow puppet show the world has ever seen!

Fairy out of Fairy

Moon Puppets is sweet and imaginative. Flora wants to bring shadow puppets to the whole world, and her story is beautifully illustrated and fun to read. Kids and adults will both enjoy reading this whimsical book.

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About the Author: Baxter B. Bramatti lives in Michigan with his loving wife and their two daughters. He spends most of his time writing, dreaming, scheming, and eating. He does laundry, too, because food stains are natural consequences of his eating. If you would like to see what Baxter is working on, you can check out his latest projects from a safe distance (so he can't drip food juice on your shirt) by visiting or twittering @BBramatti.

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