Saturday, May 9, 2020

Review: A Deck of Spells

A Deck of Spells: Hoodoo Playing Card Magic in Rootwork and Conjure
by Professor Charles Porterfield 
Non-Fiction How To

Playing cards have a rich and mysterious history that is now revealed to you! Generations of rootworkers and hoodoo practitioners have carried cards with them to see the future and change the present. Professor Porterfield brings A Deck of Spells to the table for all to see. Learn the origins of playing cards and how to use them in your magical work -- with more than 100 spells, charms, and authentic old-time divination methods!

5 out of 5 fairies

A Deck of Spells is an easy-to-read, in-depth book. Even if you've never used a regular deck of cards to cast spells or fortune tell, you'll be able to after reading this book. A friend recommended this book, and I was not disappointed. I've never dabbled with playing cards (only your more traditional tarot decks), but I have to say I like how much more accessible the playing cards are. Highly recommend this for anyone from the curious to those looking to actually work with cards.

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About the Author: Professor Charles Porterfield is an Old Testament, old-school reader and rootworker and a proud member of Missionary Independent Spiritual Church. A natural man, he specializes in men's issues and the Biblical aspects of hoodoo. Texas born and raised, he lives with his wife, children, grandchildren, and three cats.

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  1. Charles PorterfieldSeptember 17, 2020

    Thank you so much. I a so glad that you found the book to be of good aid to you.
    Professor Porterfield


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