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Review: Enthralled

Enthralled by Emma Prince  
Historical Romance

He is bound by honor… 
Eirik is eager to plunder the treasures of the fabled lands to the west in order to secure the future of his village. The one thing he swears never to do is claim possession over another human being. But when he journeys across the North Sea to raid the holy houses of Northumbria, he encounters a dark-haired beauty, Laurel, who stirs him like no other. When his cruel cousin tries to take Laurel for himself, Eirik breaks his oath in an attempt to protect her. He claims her as his thrall. But can he claim her heart, or will Laurel fall prey to the devious schemes of his enemies?

She has the heart of a warrior…
Life as an orphan at Whitby Abbey hasn’t been easy, but Laurel refuses to be bested by the backbreaking work and lecherous advances she must endure. When Viking raiders storm the abbey and take her captive, her strength may finally fail her—especially when she must face her fear of water at every turn. But under Eirik’s gentle protection, she discovers a deeper bravery within herself—and a yearning for her golden-haired captor that she shouldn’t harbor. Torn between securing her freedom or giving herself to her Viking master, will fate decide for her—and rip them apart forever?

3 out of 5 fairies

Enthralled is enjoyable. I was highly disappointed in this book. I wanted an amazing slow burn of a romance, as would be expected of a book where the guy destroys her home and makes her his slave. It was far from that.

The book starts out interesting enough. The torture/punishment Laurel experiences at the hand of the Abbess made for a very interesting aspect of Laurel’s character. But the moment Eirik entered the scene and took Laurel as a slave the story was very, very flat.

The characters are very one-dimensional. Laurel has little to no development. Eirik is the honorable gentleman. Madrena is the ‘I don’t like you but I’ll come around’ best friend. Grimar is the villain who has no desire for Laurel other than the fact Eirik wants her and he wants Eirik to suffer. I’m not even sure Alaric has a personality beyond the ‘best friend’ role.

Not to mention, the romance didn’t feel real at all. There’s no reason for Eirik to be extremely protective of her other than he’s captivated by her. At least Laurel is attracted to Eirik’s care of her. Despite her being a slave, despite the fact she saw the monks/nuns slaughtered, despite basically everything that would affect a normal woman of 19, Laurel trusts Eirik and basically has next to no resistance to his advances.

And then there’s Eirik’s ‘lapse of control’. They’d been alone for 10 minutes in his home before he’s kissing her, and she reciprocates. His reactions aren’t based off of lust either, despite how the author portrayed them. He falls in love with her for no other reason than the author wanted it that way.

Then there’s the detail of the concept that first time sex always hurts despite how aroused she is. But that’s a common theme that annoys me in all romance novels.

 There’s next to no conflict in the story. Grimar is a villain that is no real threat to Laurel and Eirik. He tries to get Eirik killed, kidnaps Laurel. It’s natural to expect a happy ending due to the genre, but Eirik even Eirik falling to fever and being ‘close to death’ is miraculously fixed barely a chapter later. Even then, the few conflicts in the story were stereotypical despite having a very unique premise.

 I do have to commend Pierce for the writing itself. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if I got annoyed with the fact she only described his muscles as ‘corded’ and ‘hard’. However the sex scene was frustrating. I appreciate the importance to detail, but the repetition of description euphemisms and the fact she explained every little movement of the character got beyond annoying. By the end of it, I was less aroused and more wanting the scene to end.

All in all, I do give it a 3 star rating. It is enjoyable, but is flat beyond all belief. For the premise, I was hoping for a very emotionally complex story and Pierce just did not deliver.

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About the Author: Emma Prince is the USA Today bestselling author of steamy historical romances jam-packed with adventure, conflict, and of course love!

Emma grew up in drizzly Seattle, but traded her rain boots for sunglasses when she and her husband moved to the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada. She spent several years in academia as an instructor of college English and Humanities courses, where she savored her “fun books”—normally historical romances—on the side.

In 2014, she turned her love of page-turning, richly historical stories into a career. Ever since then, she’s been writing books that whisk readers away to another time and place where the passion is legendary, the adventure never ends, and the happily ever afters are guaranteed!

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