Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sinful Sunday: Wayward Witch

Wayward Witch  by Samantha Bell  
Paranormal Bully Romance

   “I’m the most powerful witch of my generation. I’ll die before I let these bullies have their way.”
Most people in Woodlock’s Home for Magical Delinquents swear they don’t belong here - well, I do. If someone asked me if I was a good witch or a bad witch, I’d tell them that I'm the worst witch they could ever imagine. My parents are wanted fugitives, and now I’ve been abandoned in the magical world’s equivalent of juvenile hall. 
At Woodlock’s, we’re supposed to be rehabilitated into model magical citizens, but the teachers are weak and the bullies run the show. Three dangerously hot sorcerers - Blake, Knox, and Zane - have me in their sights, but I’ll show them that this bad witch doesn’t kneel to anyone - especially the Sons of Hell. 

Wayward Witch is a reverse harem bullies-to-lovers romance. A full length supernatural reform school/ prison romance. Contains profanity, violence, and situations that may be triggering for some readers.


3 out of 5 flames

A girl, power, unseen enemies and bullies! Oh My! The description of this book drew me in and I was very excited to read it. Now I gave this 3 stars, however I will be reading the second book because the cliff hanger got me. The steam scenes are hot, the characters are strong and the plot is great. The book is very fast pace, often skipping from place to place. The character development is okay, but the relationship building is lacking. The bully build wasn't something I like. It was very harsh with no backing. There is a bit more of a sexual assault vibe than I'm okay with for the story line. The story line does come together towards the end and it does end in a cliff hanger. I have added book two on my TBR list. I want to see if the development gets better and how the characters grow.

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About the Author: Samantha Bell is a writer, student, and self-diagnosed book hoarder. She has been living in her imagination as long as she can remember. She tweets sporadically with the handle @SamanthaWrites0 but Facebook is her main haunt.

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