Friday, June 12, 2020

Check It Out: Parenting With Purpose

Parenting With Purpose: A Practical Guide to Disciplining With Empathy and Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by Aileen Jarvis & Rowan Roffe 
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Almost anyone can become a parent, but it takes real practice to learn how to parent in a way that best fit for your children. How you choose to raise your children says a lot about you as a parent. Great parenting starts with a purpose. In this book, we go on a journey to discovering just that. With many years of professional experience with hundreds of clients, and having raised kids themselves, Aileen Jarvis and Rowan Roffe are finally spilling all the secrets to becoming ideal parents and raising kids using the parenting with purpose strategy. As readers, it will help you deal with power struggles, public temper tantrums, hormonal changes, misbehavior, and much more. To give you a brief outline, here's what you are going to find in this book:
● Learn about the many different approaches to parenting and what style resonates with yours the most.
● Look at the working of a child's mind and what goes inside it.
● Discover the many reasons why they behave in the way they do and how to minimize misbehavior.
● Find out what positive discipline looks like and how it can be put into practice.
● Explore what emotional intelligence looks like in kids and how to nurture it naturally.
● Debate over whether a parent can be both a friend and a parent to their child and if it's worth it.
● Learn how to empower your kids and prepare them for the world outside the house.
● Learn how to deal with a rebellious teenager in the house and what measures to take to get along with them.
● Know how parenting with purpose can be applied in various scenarios to recognize and handle temper tantrums, whiny behavior, and aggressiveness.

You will learn to handle parent/child conflict better and implement strategies that actually work. It offers you the right resources to deal with the challenges that parenting brings with it. It is for parents who wish to raise emotionally-intelligent, well-mannered, and conscious children as well as strengthen their relationship with their kids.

4 out of 5 fairies

Parenting With Purpose is a well written guide. I know that even among some of my mom friends some of these idea would be somewhat controversial. But they're brilliant honestly. This definitely isn't a light afternoon read, but taking the time to read this piece by piece and digest it can definitely help raise a child to be a more caring, emotionally rounded, adult.

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About the Author: Aileen Jarvis is a mother of two (mostly) wonderful children and an independent author. She launched her writing career with the book Parenting With Purpose: A Practice Guide to Disciplining With Empathy and Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child. With years of experience working with children and raising her own, she realized that one of the most common issues parents faced when working with children has always been the way in which parents are so radically underprepared to cope with the stress and challenges of parenthood. These experiences led her to become an advocate for evident-based positive parenting techniques.

In her spare time...well what is spare time when she is busy raising two children, coaching other parents, and working on her new books? Aileen's favorite hobbies are going hiking and spending time in nature.

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